PROBE Consulting Company, L.L.C.

PROBE Consulting Company, L.L.C.

PROBE Consulting Company, L.L.C.PROBE Consulting Company, L.L.C.PROBE Consulting Company, L.L.C.

 A day without data is like a day without sunshine!

PROBE Consulting Company, L.L.C.

PROBE Consulting Company, L.L.C.

PROBE Consulting Company, L.L.C.PROBE Consulting Company, L.L.C.PROBE Consulting Company, L.L.C.

 A day without data is like a day without sunshine!

About Us

We Love Data


PROBE Consulting specializes in applied research and the development of web-based assessment systems. Since 1988, we have developed assessment systems that turn voluminous data into actionable information. For more than thirty-two years, we have helped our partners to statistically tell their story. We love data!

Why Us?



We have helped colleges improve retention and graduation rates. We have helped small businesses understand who their promotors or distractors are, and why they took those positions. We have helped churches and other non-profit organizations evaluate their leadership, survey their congregations or clients, and engage in professional strategic planning. We have helped numerous students complete their college degrees. Why PROBE? Since 1988, we have been in “preparation for the future and measuring success“ business.

Three Decades of TechnoPsychology!


TechnoPsychology involves the application of scientific approach for practical purposes, specifically, the methodical study of the interaction among traits and environments (Persons + Situations) to better understand how the connections differentially effect behavior in a given context. We study the Personality of an organization and use technology, psychology, and research methodology to make an organization the best it can be.   Continuous Improvement is a Verb, not a Noun.  TechnoPsychology is an Action, not a description.  

Survey Artists at Work!!


The Engine driving PROBE Consulting

At the root of 100% of our assessment systems is a survey. If we are collecting data for you, the vehicle for the collection is a well-designed survey. If we develop a writing center registration screen, ask students how they are experiencing PSY 400-01, or ask your customers if they can endorse your business, somewhere in the cyber-background, an optimized, logic-filled survey is running the show. 

The Art and Science of asking questions

 Did you know that the quality of an answer is related to the quality of the question [(r (99999) = 1.0, p < .000000000001)]? Please excuse the statistical hyperbole, but there is, dare we say, a strong relationship between the Q & the A! We have been helping our partners ask quality questions since 1988. We are survey artists at work. The Greek word "techně", often translated as "art," implies mastery of any sort of craft. Send us your survey and we will demonstrate a mastery of item creation. If we cannot make it more efficient, more beautiful, we will refund our review fee. Better yet, let us design one for you. Request a proposal now or drop me a line at let me know what PROBE can paint or sculpt for you on a web-based canvas.

Let us know what you need to know

If you need to interface with alumni, customers, employers, general education students, potential donors, or your congregation, PROBE will develop a professional web-based data collection system. We have been digitizing paper and pencil instruments since 1988. 

We will unlock the information contained in your data and you will spend less money because we automate everything. When we ask Hal to open the bay doors, Hal actually opens the doors. 

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Higher Education Support Services

Getting my degree!

Institutional Research and Effectiveness Offices

Historically, assessment in higher education was a tangential process that invaded the academy every ten years. Different parts of the academy were evaluated as free-standing units and not as integrated parts of a whole. 

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

In reality, the success of academic affairs is tied directly to the success of student affairs which is tied directly to the success of the admissions office which is tied directly to the success of financial aid, and so on. Instead of gearing up for a compliance certification, develop an integrated, authentic-learning environment and invite any agency to evaluate it at any time. Let us help you develop an authentic learning environment and a universal SUCCESS CONSTRUCT at your institution.

We offer peace of mind and more time with your family!

We will develop an automated, authentic, institution-wide assessment system, and mainstream a Contextualist-focused web-based assessment process involving students, faculty members, staff, administrators, alumni, and key stakeholders as one holistic unit. Click here for a Modest Proposal from PROBE Consulting.

Benefits of our services--The Dirty Dozen

1. Know that you know that you know how well you are accomplishing your   


2. Welcome accreditation visits from any agency on Earth

3. Know that you know that you know how well each academic program is    


4. Know that you know that you know how well each student support unit is 


5.  Know that you know that you know how well each administrative  

      support office is functioning 

6.  Leave the office at 5:00 PM

7.  Spend more time with your loved ones

8.  Eat lunch away from your desk

9.  Eat lunch

10.  Renew your gym membership

11.  Go to the gym

12.  Clearly demonstrate the ROI associated with your degrees

In conclusion!

By collecting inter-related data from students, faculty, staff, and administrators at temporally (at the same time) and situationally (environmental conditions) sequenced instants, it becomes clearer what student learning and unit outcomes mean within an institutional mission.   Let PROBE use TechnoPsychology to take the pulse of your institution. 

Support for Small Business Owners

Grow your business


 The U.S. Small Business Administration counts companies with as much as $35.5 million in sales and 1,500 employees as "small businesses", depending on the industry. We can provide service to that size and scope, but we also have products for sole proprietor operations, partnerships, franchise owners, and innovative entrepreneurs.  

Get actionable insights



Ask your customers if they promote your business, detest all things about it, or find themselves on the proverbial fence. Ask them why! Then move the fence dwellers into the promoter category and make improvements based on feedback from all. We can help you get your NetPromoter Score.

NetPromoter Score (NPS)


Net Promoter Score®, or NPS®, evaluates customers, employees, suppliers, and so on and provides insights into how to make a business grow. This proven metric transformed the business world and now provides the core measurement for customer experience management programs the world round.  What is your NPS?  Let's find out.

Model your success stories


 We can poll your clients or customers.  Learn from customer interactions that are working well, and apply practices to those that need improvement.

Get honest feedback from employees and stakeholders and find opportunities to improve your business.




Minority Business Enterprise, Women Business Enterprise, or Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Certifications are designed to remedy ongoing discrimination and the continuing effects of past discrimination. If you own such a business and need market research services, please contact us today. We will help you use data to make your business stronger and more efficient. 

What can we do for you?




Do you need  market research? Do you need customer satisfaction surveys?  We can do that. Do you need QR-Code data collectors on your brochures, receipts, menus, mailings? We got that. Would you like to engage in an authentic NetPromoter Survey process? Or, we can talk and come up with something totally unique for your totally unique business. 

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Church Strategic Planning Services


Changing Views of Church and Ministry


These questions were studied in an interdenominational research study entitled the Pulpit & Pew Research Project. The project was funded by Lilly Endowment to assess the state of the pastorate in the United States.

Some of the benefits of strategic planning

In an era of Internet-based church services, televangelism, anti-spiritualism, it is good to have a plan.  What is the overall health of your church? What trends are on the horizon that will impact that health? What direction should you go? How will strategic planning help?

 It allows organizations to be proactive rather than reactive. A strategic plan   

  allows organizations to foresee their future and to prepare accordingly. 

A strategic plan sets up a sense of direction and increases operational efficiency

A strategic plan helps to increase the membership rolls and makes a church more durable

Call, click, or text

If you would be interested in receiving a modest proposal from PROBE Consulting, CLICK HERE.  If you want more information send us an e-mail at  or call or text us at 919-395-4568. 

What is your congregation’s view of pastoral leadership now and in the future?    

What do current trends foreshadow for the next generation of congregants? 

Would it be wise to evaluate your ministries and leadership?  We would love to work with you on this journey.

Degree Completion Support

Getting our degrees!

Move beyond or toward ABD Status

How many brand-new Ph.Ds. have PROBE Consulting to thank for helping them over the chapter 3 hump? There are quite a few and they often recommend a friend or family member. Are you weary of calling yourself ABD? Do you simply hate those three letters…A B D???  Are you just embarking on your doctoral journey?  Do want to attain ABD status? We can help.

How can we help you?


PROBE Consulting can help you complete the D. We are in the “peace of mind” business. Could you benefit from any or all of the following?

· A thorough review of your Chapters 1 - 4 draft document

· A thorough review of your research hypotheses

· A thorough review of your methodology section

· A thorough review of your survey instrument (if applicable) 

· The conversion of your paper-and-pencil survey to the web (if applicable)

· Hosting and deploying your web-based survey and monitoring it deployment (providing you with the means to follow the deployment in real-time)

· Converting your web-based survey responses to SPSS data (.sav) and output (.spo) files and providing you with the files (or, we could run the analysis for you)

· Developing slides of all statistical output to add to your committee presentation

· Allowing you to pay for these services in three (3) installments over a  six-week period using a major credit card, if you prefer

Fill out a brief form and receive a plan to completion


If you would like for PROBE Consulting to provide you with a no-obligation cost proposal for your individual degree completion plan, CLICK HERE and start finishing today! 

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We love helping clients thrive. So, contact us, and let's see how we can help you impact your institutional or business growth. 

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