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 A day without data is like a day without sunshine!

PROBE Consulting Company, L.L.C.

 A day without data is like a day without sunshine!



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About Us


We Love turning Data into Information

TechnoPsychology started with a Tandy 1000 in 1988!

We Love turning Data into Information

PROBE Consulting specializes in applied research and the development of web-based assessment systems. Since 1988, we have developed assessment systems that turn voluminous data into actionable information. For more than thirty-two years, we have helped our partners to statistically tell their story. WE REALLY LOVE DATA!!!


Why Us?

TechnoPsychology started with a Tandy 1000 in 1988!

We Love turning Data into Information

Why PROBE Consulting? Since 1988, we have been in “preparation for the future and measuring your success“ business. We have the key to unlock the rich information hidden in your data. We have helped students with their doctoral degrees and that devilish Chapter 3. We have helped small businesses better understand how to keep their customers coming back. We have helped colleges and universities unlock nested interactions in their key performance indicators to improve retention and graduation rates. We have helped churches and non-profits evaluate their leadership, survey stakeholders, and engage in professional strategic planning.  Why PROBE Consulting? We are in the successful outcomes business.  And, because we use TechnoPsychology Systems, we can do it for much less!!!

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TechnoPsychology started with a Tandy 1000 in 1988!

TechnoPsychology started with a Tandy 1000 in 1988!

TechnoPsychology started with a Tandy 1000 in 1988!

TechnoPsychology involves building automated information systems through the application of cloud-based technology, personality psychology, and the scientific method for practical purposes, specifically, the systematic study of the interaction among traits and environments (Person & Situation) to better understand how the connections differentially affect behavior in a given context. We study the Personality of an organization and use a vehicle called TechnoPsychologyto drive continuous improvement. The combination of WordStar and dBase3+ on a Tandy 1000 PC was the beginning of the TechnoPsychology drive toward data-driven improvement. We use more complex cloud-based platforms now, but our belief has not wavered in 32 years--Continuous improvement is a verb, not a noun; It must be 100% ongoing. TechnoPsychology involves dynamic adjustments, not a goal state; It is a 100% ongoing, equilibrium process. 


Survey Artists at Work!!


The Engine driving PROBE Consulting

At the root of 100% of our assessment systems is a survey. If we are collecting data for you, the vehicle for the collection is a well-designed survey. If we develop a writing center registration screen, ask students how they experienced PSY 400-01, or ask customers if they can endorse a business, somewhere in the cyberspace-background, an optimized, logic-filled survey is running the show. 

The Art and Science of asking questions

 Did you know that the quality of an answer is related to the quality of the question? We have been helping our partners ask quality questions since 1988. We are survey artists at work. The Greek word "techně", often translated as "art," implies mastery of any sort of craft. Send us your survey and we will demonstrate our mastery.  Better yet, let us design one for you. Request a proposal now or drop me a line at let me know what PROBE can paint or sculpt for you on a web-based canvas.

Let us know what you need to know

If you need to interface with alumni, customers, employers, general education students, potential donors, or your congregation, PROBE will develop a professional web-based data collection system. We have been digitizing paper and pencil instruments since 1988. 

We will unlock the information contained in your data and you will spend less money because we automate everything. When we ask Hal to open the bay doors, He actually opens the doors. 

Request a Proposal from PROBE

  If you would like a proposal, click  HERE    You can also send a message below.    

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Higher Education Support Services


For Institutional Research and Effectiveness Offices

Historically, assessment in higher education was a tangential process that occupied the institution every ten years. Different offices were assessed and then evaluated as free-standing units and not as integrated parts of an institutional whole. At the end of the day or the conclusion of a site visit, you may realize that your institution is a very complex system that cannot be described by Excel tables and pie charts. It may be more advantageous to arrive at that conclusion sooner as opposed to Ex Post Facto. 

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

In this very complex system, the success of the Academic Affairs Office is tied directly to the success of the Student Affairs Office. The success of the Registrar’s Office is tied directly to the success of the Admissions office, and so on.    

Modern assessment systems must be part of the mainstream culture within the institution and involve all stakeholders concurrently in the development of a culture of authentic evidence and tangible success. These systems must not only encapsulate what students KNOW, how they THINK, and what they can DO but also clearly delineate the contribution of each unit to the development of an institution-wide Success Construct. 

Instead of gearing up for a compliance certification document or an accreditation visit, let us help you build a multi-trait/multi-method assessment system and develop a universal SUCCESS CONSTRUCT across your entire institution.

There is a lot going on in Higher Education right now...we are here!

If you are an administrator or a director-level IE-IR professional, the campus is not closed for you. Data never stops coming in.  You are working full-time from a home office or maybe even your campus office. If you need help completing year-end reports, compiling reports from all units into one cohesive IE Summary, or any other year-end closeout effort, we have the expertise to help right now.  If you have a Compliance Certification in the near (18-24 months) future, we have the expertise to help right now. 

You may not be sure when you will get students back on campus, so revenue is a challenge right now. We will accept your Purchase Order and bill you only when you are able to draw down funds from student tuition and fees. That could be this fall, however, we can start next week. You don’t pay us until students pay their bills.  

Click the modest-proposal-request link below. We will look over your information, and if we think that we can help, we will offer to partner with you. Click below and tell us what you need.  

We offer peace of mind at a reasonable flat-rate!

Why worry?  We will develop an automated, authentic, institution-wide assessment system, and mainstream a Contextualist-focused web-based assessment process involving students, faculty members, staff, administrators, alumni, and key stakeholders as one holistic unit.  Click here for a Modest Proposal from PROBE Consulting. 

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Support for Small Business Owners

We are here for you during this "new normal"

We are here for you during this "new normal"

We are here for you during this "new normal"


During this time, you are not sure when customers will be back in your business.  We can help!  If you need “customer-satisfaction” services, we are here. We will delay all billing until 60 days after you are up and running.  We will provide our full range of market research services with no upfront cost to you. Be it our NetPromoter Score product, customer experience polls related to your curbside or product delivery approach, QR-Code data collectors for your brochures, receipts, menus, mailings, or whatever, we can help now. Click the “Request a Proposal” link and let us get to work.


Get actionable insights

We are here for you during this "new normal"

We are here for you during this "new normal"


Ask your customers if they can promote your business, hate certain things about it, or find themselves on the proverbial fence. Then, ask them why and move the fence dwellers into the promoter category and make improvements based on feedback. PROBE Consulting, L.L.C. can help you get your NetPromoter Score.

NetPromoter Score (NPS)

NetPromoter Score (NPS)

NetPromoter Score (NPS)


Net Promoter Score®, or NPS®, evaluate customers, employees, suppliers, and so on and provides insights into how to make a business grow. This proven metric has transformed the business world and now provides the core measurement for customer experience management programs all over the world.  What is your Net Promoter Score®?  Let's find out!


What can we do for you?

NetPromoter Score (NPS)

NetPromoter Score (NPS)


Do you need market research? Do you need customer satisfaction surveys?  We can do that. Do you need QR-Code data collectors for your brochures, receipts, menus, mailings? We got you covered. Or, we can talk and come up with something totally unique for your unique business. 

Request a Proposal


Strategic Planning Services

We can help how; bill later.

Why engage in strategic planning?

Why engage in strategic planning?


If your non-profit organization needs professional strategic planning or program evaluation services, we have thirty-two years of experience in the “preparation for the future and measuring organizational success“ business. 

During these very difficult times,  we will delay all billing until 60 days after you reopen fulltime.  We will provide our full range of planning services with no upfront cost to your agency.  

If you are a church, volunteer services organization, public or charter school, clinic or hospital, or professional association, we are here for you right now.  Request a proposal today.

Why engage in strategic planning?

Why engage in strategic planning?

Why engage in strategic planning?


 Strategic planning is an organization’s process of defining its strategy, direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy. It may also extend to control mechanisms for guiding the implementation of the strategy. Why engage in strategic planning? According to Mr. Franklin, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!  According to PROBE, if you don't plan, you will not know why you failed or succeeded. 

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Types of planning?

Why engage in strategic planning?

How will we do it?


· Operational Planning–-how things need 

   to happen over the next 90 days.

· Tactical Planning—what is going to 

  happen over the next 9 months. 

· Strategic Planning—why things need to 

  happen over the next 5 to 10 years.

We will work with you to develop dynamic planning algorithms across your various units,  conduct in-depth Person/Situation analysis, and test and retest outcome assumptions. 

How will we do it?

MTMM--A Success Construct

How will we do it?



1. We will conduct a web-based “Have-Need” 

    Analysis and help you develop Action 


2. We will develop operationally-

    defined KPIs, ownership matrices, 

    objectives, and a solid “Success Construct”.

3. We will conduct a comprehensive web-

    based SWOT Analysis and develop goals, 

    based on the findings.

4. We will help your organization develop 

    and present a Vision and Mission based on   

    your core values.                                                                

MTMM--A Success Construct

MTMM--A Success Construct

MTMM--A Success Construct


The multi-trait/multi-method (MTMM) matrix is an approach to examining construct validity developed by Campbell and Fiske (1959). It organizes convergent and discriminant validity evidence for a comparison of how a measure relates to other measures. It is a technique used to develop Constructs in Psychology

PROBE has used the MTMM approach for twenty-years to develop a Success Construct.  We have presented professional papers on the technique and implemented it in numerous academic areas. We will travel 15 years or so back-to-the-future of your organization and develop regression models that will chart your next 5 to 10 years.  

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We will look into it!

MTMM--A Success Construct

MTMM--A Success Construct


Contact PROBE Consulting, L.L.C. today and we will begin to look into it tomorrow...or the next day, depending on our workload!





If you have a few minutes, complete our online interview form and we will develop a proposal in three to five working days: CLICK HERE FOR A MODEST PROPOSAL.

Degree Completion Support


Move beyond or toward ABD Status

How many Ph.D. candidates have PROBE Consulting L.L.C. to thank for helping them get through Chapter 3? There are quite a few and they often recommend a friend or family member. Are you weary of paying tuition and fees as you “write” your dissertation proposal? Are you weary of calling yourself ABD? From the committee proposal to the dissertation defense to getting fitted for a Cap and Gown, PROBE Consulting L.L.C. will be there to help you accelerate the process and get it right.   

If your employment has been impacted by the current pandemic, we will delay all payments until you return to work. That may take some time, but since your committee members are working remotely, let's engage them and put this puppy to bed (...complete your degree and move on with your life and career...we will not work with your small canine addressing any nocturnal issues).puppy to bed (We refer to completing your terminal degree and moving on with your life and career.  We will not work with your small canine addressing any nocturnal issues she or he may have.  No.).

                                                How well do you understand basic statistics?

How can we help you?

We are in the “peace of mind” business. Could you benefit from any or all of the following?


· A detailed review of Chapters 1 – 4 

· A detailed review of hypotheses

· A detailed review of the methodology 

· A thorough review of instruments (if applicable) 

· Converting paper-and-pencil instruments to web forms (if applicable)

· Hosting web-based survey and monitoring its deployment (providing the means for you to     

  follow the deployment in real-time)

· Converting web-based survey responses to SPSS data (.sav) and output (.spo) files 

· Developing slides of all statistical output for the committee presentation

· Allowing you to pay for services in three (3) installments using a major credit card, if you prefer

Fill out a brief form and receive a degree completion proposal

If you would like PROBE Consulting to provide you with a no-obligation proposal for an individualized degree completion plan, CLICK HERE and start finishing today! 

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